The content on your website is the single most important part of your web presence. Without content that articulates and engages, any traffic won as part of other marketing efforts will be lost within seconds – well would you stay on a site that was clearly written with Google, and not a human, in mind?

The text you place on your site has to wear multiple hats – it needs to grab a visitors interest, it needs to hold their attention, it needs to convert that initial curiosity into a desire to purchase and it needs to sell, sell, sell (without being too sales-y).

Writing web site content is a tricky balancing act and must weigh the needs of the search engine against the needs of the reader. It’s almost impossible to have one without the other meaning both sets of needs must be equally well served.

Dakota Digital’s expert SEO copywriters can juggle all of these balls to craft unique, captivating content, perfectly balanced for search engine and customer requirements. As a full service online marketing agency, the content we create for your website is written with your other marketing initiatives in mind, helping to create a streamlined, integrated online presence, perfectly aligned with your business objectives and brand profile.

Recent Examples of Copywriting Work Completed by Dakota:

Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide: The ultimate Las Vegas guide (Dakota wrote all 500 pages of this website)

Premier Football UK: Specialists in UK football trials and soccer tours

I Am The Agent: Helping landlords and vendors to advertise a property online

Cabinet Tronix: Modern and traditional TV lift furniture designers

Tech Tile London: The commerical tile suppliers

Whether you need one page, ten pages or a whole website written, contact us to find out more and discuss our ideas for crafting sizzling website content.

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