Facebook Marketing

Facebook for Business
Building an engaging, useful Facebook presence is an ever more vital part of online marketing. No longer the sole preserve of individuals, brands big and small are getting in on the act. Facebook is no longer a place to just catch up with friends or plan next weekend’s activities, it’s a place to build a brand, create brand advocates, raise your brand profile and sell your brand to targeted individuals.

Facebook isn’t about selling though. It’s about creating a community. The most successful brands on Facebook understand this. They take time to craft a page that interests and provokes. They want to build a relationship, start conversations and create pages that potential clients will return to again and again. If this sounds like your Facebook page of the future, call us on 01623 428996 and let us make it part of your reality.

With choices of pages and groups, adverts and even Facebook shops, do you know how to embark on your Facebook marketing campaign? Dakota Digital does. With experienced account managers with proven backgrounds in social media strategy for businesses large and small, we can help you set up a Facebook page that uses all available social functions and resonates with your target market.

If you want less of a community and more of a quick advertising push on social media, we can help with that too. As the reigning king of social media, the site is the obvious place to start any new social media advertising strategy.
Regardless of whether or not you stand in the pro-Facebook camp and see it as a vital communication tool to engage with your client base or are anti-Facebook and unable to see the point of investing online marketing energy in what is basically a tool for teenagers, you do need to consider the site very thoroughly if you’re serious about social advertising.

If nothing else, the fact that Facebook is far and away expected to make the most money from social media advertising this year, you need to consider it just because all of your competitors will be.

• Easy access to around 500 million people
• Location, age and interest targeting
• Image and text based adverts plus split testing to see what works and what doesn’t
• Cost per click and cost per display payment options

To get started with a Facebook page, a strategy meeting or an advertising campaign, call us on 01623 428 996 or email Rebecca@dakotadigital.co.uk