From sizzling site copy to web 2.0 wizardry, our SEO service brings search synergy, better keyword placement and improved brand awareness together to do just one thing; make your site a success. What’s more, we provide a detailed service deliverables plan for each month of your campaign with quantities of the work to be provided (including number of pages of content, type and quantity of reports and much more) and approximate man hours per week and month, so you know exactly what the service entails and what you’re paying for at any given point in your campaign. We find that this sets us apart from most SEO agencies by trasforming a service into a tangible product.

Positioning your products or services within the most desirable areas of a search engine’s results pages takes a lot of technical know-how, creative savvy, market research and data crunching. Add competitor analysis, reputation management and marketing ability to the mix and you’re close to understanding the Dakota Digital SEO philosophy.

We’ve effectively managed complex optimisation strategies for sites large and small. We’ve worked with start-ups, industry leaders and multinational high fliers. Our clients come to us for better search visibility and page one rankings. They stay not for our exceptional customer service but because we understand it’s all about the ROI, the visitor numbers and ultimately, the volume of sales generated as a result of a search engine presence.

What more could you ask of an SEO campaign? Try these on for size…

Optimised Web Site Copy: It’s one thing to bring a surfer to the site. It’s another to make them buy. Optimised web copy can help. And it’s included as standard in our SEO packages.

Digital Marketing: Do you enjoy more virtual column inches than a reality TV star? You soon will. From geek to chic, our little black book of contacts includes national newspaper sites, TV channels and glossy magazine emporiums.

Online PR: Online PR engages your audience and builds profile. We write optimised PR. You enjoy a better search presence.

Social Media Marketing: Forget what you think you know about social media. Blogging, bookmarking and community building is not just for messaging your friends on dull Monday mornings. Let us influence the web’s most powerful and most visited communities for improved rankings and brand penetration.

Reporting: Our reporting systems are refreshingly straightforward and reassuringly detailed. Monthly updates can be supplemented by a weekly or daily analysis. Track positions, link counts and honourable mentions.

Competitor Research: Don your spy goggles and go undercover with our competitor research. We’ll help you understand why your rivals have better search visibility. And then neutralise it.

Strategic Link Building: Highly relevant backlinks are the GPS of internet navigation. Our strategic link building approach makes it easy for wayward clients to find your site. Even those who didn’t know they were looking for it.