Junior Account Manager


The newest member of the Dakota team, Jade works on content including press releases, blogs and other online articles. She writes and edits her own blog, and has written for a number of global websites and publications during university and her gap year. In her spare time Jade writes about travel and leisure and reviews theatrical productions.


Lead Account Manager


Press Gazette Online Journalist of the Year with 1st Class Masters degree in Online Journalism. More than 7 years experience at the forefront of digital marketing, directing client campaigns for small, medium and large organizations, across all main verticals, in the UK and overseas. A senior columist for a leading US marketing magazine and published author.


Lead Social Media Account Manager


Directs client social media strategy including maintaining social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Content and Social Media


Fiona is a content writer and social media team member. Her specialities include press releases, online articles and blogs.


Press Release Writer


Lauren currently studies English Literature and Journalism at
university. She writes for a number of newspapers and sports blogs in her spare time. She is currently the editor of a book review blog and specialises in writing about theatre, fiction, travel and sport.