Casual Carper Announces UK’s First Biodegradable Boilie Bags

Casual Carper Announces UK’s First Biodegradable Boilie Bags

UK-based Casual Carper has revealed its new line of entirely biodegradable and compostable boilie bags, marking a first for the UK carp fishing industry.

Releasing on 1st July, the new boilie bags will be used on all orders shipped through the Casual Carper website. The innovative, environmentally friendly boilie bags omni-degradable, and will break down in water, composts heaps or in landfill, taking three to six months to fully degrade.

This new environmentally-sound approach marks a major departure from the wider industry, where printed plastic boilies are the norm. Like most plastic bags, throwaway plastic boilies sit in landfills for decades after use. Casual Carper developed their new biodegradable boilies to offset this accepted norm and to try and open up a more environmentally aware outlook for the industry. This is part of Casual Carper’s plan to reduce the amount of plastic waste resulting from the carp fishing industry, with hundreds of thousands of plastic boilies discarded every year.

All orders from 1st July from Casual Carpers will use the new omni degradable boilies, whilst the company also looks to reduce its plastic use in other products. Casual Carper is also keen to point out that this environmentally-friendly innovation does not push bait prices for customers. All bait will still be the same industry-leading quality at the same market pricing, meaning customers will not have to pay a premium for helping the environment.

As it stands, Casual Carper’s biodegradable boilie bags are the only UK alternative to plastic offerings, making their introduction a new, unique and environmentally sound option for carp fishing enthusiasts.

Simon Gardner, AKA the Casual Carper, said, “I’m really proud to be the first in the UK carp industry to offer an environmentally-friendly boilie bag. As an avid carp fisherman, I know exactly how many plastic boilie bags I’ve been through over the years – and it’s a lot. Casual Carper is committed to lowering plastics in all of our offerings, and this is the starting point.

“The hope is that customers will see the positive impact these new omni degradable boilies can have on the environment. If enough carp anglers move over to degradable boilies, we’re talking about a huge amount of plastic that isn’t going into landfills. The hope is that this is just the start of a journey of change in the industry, and that offerings like this become the standard. We’ve only got one planet and we all love it, so we need to start taking care of it any way we can.”
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