New VPN App Suite Boosts Security of Connected Devices

New VPN App Suite Boosts Security of Connected Devices

As part of its mission to bring safe and secure global web access to connected devices, Liberty Shield has designed and launched a new user-friendly VPN app suite. The all-new suite is designed for complete compatibility with some of the world’s most prominent connected devices and suitable for business and personal use. The online privacy and digital anonymity experts’ range of device-specific solutions provides users with a fast and easy way to run a virtual private network on their preferred device.

Available for iOS, Android, FireTV, Android TV, Windows and Mac operating systems, the apps make it simple to both install and connect to a VPN safely and securely on any connected device. Thanks to OpenVPN technology, the device-specific apps ensure that the device’s web connection is fully encrypted to prevent the user’s internet service provider (ISP) from both logging activity and blocking access to restricted websites and services. Geo-restrictions are one such obstacle that can be bypassed.

Greg Murphy, Group Manager for Liberty Shield, said, “Our VPN app suite is the perfect companion for security and privacy on preferred digital devices. With more people spending time at home during the COVID-19 outbreak and accessing personal and business-related content from mobile and other connected devices, our new apps make accessing this content not only easier, but safer too.”

The launch of the new suite comes at a time when the benefits of using a VPN are becoming increasingly apparent. Statistics show that worldwide VPN usage increased significantly[1] in line with work from home orders and temporary business closures amid the Coronavirus pandemic, growing at a rate of 18% per week across the United Kingdom alone. The global VPN industry[2] was already estimated to demonstrate a 12% year-on-year growth to 2026 prior to the outbreak, bringing it to a value of upwards of $70 billion.

With increasing demand for fast and unobstructed access to global work data from those operating from home, and for streaming video as furloughed workers seek at-home entertainment, VPN access from connected devices has never been more important.

The new solutions offered by Liberty Shield successfully mask the user’s IP address by encrypting the connection, making it possible to avoid geoblocks and government-imposed restrictions from smartphones, tablets, and connected TV devices for unlimited global access.

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