Thermavis Launches Cutting-Edge Range of Thermal Imaging Cameras As Nation Gets Back to Work

Thermavis Launches Cutting-Edge Range of Thermal Imaging Cameras As Nation Gets Back to Work

Thermavis Launches Cutting-Edge Range of Thermal Imaging Cameras As Nation Gets Back to Work

Workplaces, retail outlets and leisure environments preparing to welcome staff and customers back as the UK slowly opens up following the COVID-19 pandemic can do so safely and with complete confidence thanks to the new thermal vision solutions launched this week by innovative technology firm, Thermavis. The brand new range of thermal cameras offers frontline defence against the continuing threat of coronavirus as people return to work and businesses open up to the public once again.

All Thermavis cameras couple innovative technology with AI software and are designed to ensure workplaces, retail stores, leisure facilities, offices, hotels and other public entry points can provide a secure and safe environment for employees, clients and guests. Once placed at the entrance of a building, the thermal imaging camera effectively and accurately screens for persons with an elevated body temperature, which could indicate a fever or the presence of a contagious disease such as COVID-19, even in those who appear otherwise asymptomatic.

If an elevated temperature is identified, the person can be prevented from entering the building in order to safeguard employees and customers within, or subjected to further testing prior to being permitted entrance. Where employees show signs of an elevated body temperature using thermal imaging, managers can request team members to self-isolate and get tested, without putting any other person inside the building at risk.

Sonny Sehgal, CEO of Thermavis said, “The issue of how to get people safely back to work and instil confidence in service and business users that it is safe to shop, to enter a hotel or go back to work is paramount to getting the economy restarted. The nature of coronavirus, with its high levels of contagion and high percentage of asymptomatic sufferers makes it particularly troubling for those tasked with welcoming staff and customers safely back.

“Thermavis thermal imaging cameras have been specifically designed with this task in mind, with a range of handset types carefully created to suit small, medium and large organisations across a range of sectors. Thermal imaging is a quick, accurate and non-invasive way to keep people safe while also allowing normal life to resume.”

Thermavis thermal imaging cameras come in a range of models including a handheld device perfect for use by security guards and smaller organisations which need to screen limited numbers of employees and visitors. The handheld camera is battery operated, can be mounted on a tripod if needed has a screening range of up to 3 metres and is accurate to +/- 0.4 degrees centigrade.

Individual screening thermal imaging cameras are suited to small and medium office reception desks in addition to construction sites and small retail shops. They scan one person at a time and can be fixed to the wall or placed on a tripod. It has a measuring range of 30-45 degrees centigrade and accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees centigrade.

The Thermavis multi-person scanners accurately measure the body temperature of multiple people simultaneously, making them ideal for hotel lobbies, big retail spaces, large offices and similar.

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