The Asian market is showing really strong demand for our products. They are impressed with our manufacturing quality, our packaging and the fact that they are made entirely in the UK.

Jim Drew - managing director, Fuzzy Brush

So few people have tried true, authentic, homemade traditional Polish food. I’ve had the idea of a food tour for a while now, after cooking the first Polish Feast in the FIFTEEN kitchen this summer.

Damian Wawrzyniak - TV chef and Polish Food Ambassador

We’re delighted to partner with Lufthansa to reinvent a beloved amenity that provides a differentiated service for its customers.

Daniel Callahan - CEO, Flight Level Media

Virtual accounting team offers London based SMEs way to slash costs

Berics Accounting have embraced the digital age to offer growing SMEs access to a professional, full service accounts department without having to pay a London premium. The extensive range of services enables small businesses based in the capital to cut costs by outsourcing their account departments virtually while still maintaining the level of service they

British firm brings latest energy tech to market

British firm brings latest energy tech to market

Take up of renewable technology in the UK is continuing to grow and one British firm is at the forefront of bringing the latest innovations to market. Future Energy Solutions is using its expertise in the energy industry to help businesses and homeowners pick the right clean energy option for them and drive more to

How can positive working culture be revived in the UK?

How can positive working culture be revived in the UK?

Working culture in the UK has become fetishized, slipping into a similar tale of long hours, little pay and even longer commutes. Amongst other contributors, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that this inevitable aspect of city life is responsible for leaving workers feeling anxious, dissatisfied and with a lack of meaning in daily