Bevolved Opens Its Doors with New Full Service Agency Model and Mindset

Bevolved Opens Its Doors with New Full Service Agency Model and Mindset

Pushing the limits, not just of what’s possible digitally but in what it means to be a digital agency, a new breed of full service offerings opens its doors this week as Bevolved, the agency for SMEs who don’t love agencies, launches.

From a socially crowdsourced recruitment process to a results driven ethos, all powered by a streamlined client platform developed following an intensive four year A/B testing process with a range of other marketing agencies, Bevolved is very deliberately different.

Ben Murray, Bevolved Managing Director explains, “Bevolved was created out of frustration at some marketing agency’s awful business practices, what we saw as taking advantage of SMEs and the frustration caused by promising results that simply cannot be guaranteed. All too often the client is told, “You need to increase your budget” to achieve the results they want. Our core values are rarity, transparency and integrity.

“We analysed the current marketing and digital agency market and then general business model and business process trends over the last 20 years – it felt outdated, nothing resonated with us. We made a decision to make our client’s cash flows a priority over our own cash flow. This may seem like a red flag to most – and we probably all would have laughed at this concept a few years ago- but the truth is; everything is changing around us, all the time. Despite this, a lot of corporate companies seem to be stuck in this; “if it’s profitable, why change it?” mindset.

“The next 10 years will be a serious slap-in-the-face for a lot of content companies due to technological advancements such as artificial intelligence advancement growing at an exponential rate. If they are not currently trying to source specialists to research, test, create and implement strategies to help them adapt and thrive within the next 10 years, then they are a sinking ship.”

Bevolved is truly a full service offering, with almost 50 core competencies spanning website design and development, SEO, digital marketing and strategy and UX. It is trailblazing a new type of agency – client relationship with a day-one commitment to prioritising client cash flow and offering UK charities close to Bevolved and its employee’s hearts free access to its team of experts, for a set period each month.  To mark its launch, Bevolved is also offering a company, brand or potential idea one of its services for free, across its entire portfolio of services.

The agency has built a team around its vision, recruiting based on its culture before even opening its doors. “When sourcing Bevolved’s current employees, the process was quite unique in that we didn’t post job adverts for the roles we were hiring for,” explains Murray. “We used social media platforms and targeted online communities that were anonymous and unrelated to Bevolved to find individuals within the marketing, digital and technology industries that had experienced a toxic employer with poor business practices.

“Not expecting much to come from it, we were overwhelmed. Marketing professionals really wanted to vent, and this provided us with an incredible list of potential candidates that were truly passionate about their skills and roles within the industry, while standing for the same values we do. The result is a team engineered to help our clients succeed and a keen desire to create something different.”

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