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One of the oldest and most cost effective digital media channels can still pull its weight

Often overlooked by modern day marketers in favour of the sexier and more innovative social media options, email can still be one of your top contributing channels.

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Email is still one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to your online assets. With a 38-1 ROI its also the most powerful. Email marketing is the single most effective means of delivering personalised communications to your customers. It can be tailored to deliver complex messaging based on online activity, CRM data and purchase history, putting your customer at the heart of your comms.

If you’re guilty of neglecting email marketing in favour of other, more headline-grabbing digital marketing trends, Dakota Digital can help you get back on track and make the most of a channel consistently shown to provide the best ROI of any digital activity.

We’ll help you bring your email marketing up to date with eye-catching template design services, content production, email automation, strategy and testing. Our email marketing services take a fully integrated approach. We’ll help you to see (and leverage) email within the context of your other activities, while also identifying ways to set it apart as a high performing sales channel.

Don’t get stuck in the spam trap or worse, send your subscribers reaching for the delete button. With punchy copy, eye-catching design and the science of sending all taken care of thanks to A/B testing, list segmentation and spot on timing, Dakota’s email marketing services are fully results driven.

“Punchy copy, sharp creative and the science of sending made an art form”

At Dakota we work to  make email marketing highly effective by providing a brand indoctrination for new contacts, re-converting existing customers and inspiring ongoing brand loyalty. All this whilst minimising drain on your in-house resources. Tell us where we can help your improve, or completely outsource email marketing to us.

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