The importance of search

SEO is so valuable, even in direct comparison to virtually all other marketing channels, because search is the only truly ‘reactive’ digital media form. SEO helps your business stand out on the search engine results page with a much more prominent position and creates an air of authority for the brand vs the competitors you rank above.

How Dakota Digital can help you harness the power of SEO

When maintained effectively, SEO is one of the most cost effective long term media channels available to an online business. Bringing in sales at a very healthy cost per acquisition. Having a strong and consistent SEO strategy means you will always be prominently represented on Google at the exact time your prospects are searching for  your services – helping you to grow your business.

As a digital media specialist and content provider, we understand the importance of ensuring all web content is SEO friendly and that it must marry seamlessly with your overall keyword strategy to deliver the best results. When working as a full service agency to manage SEO and content, we guarantee all content on and offsite generates the highest possible SEO benefit.

We also provide on-going strategic assistance, help with keyword selection and SEO based auditing to keep you ahead of your competition.

Building the perfect SEO campaign

Technical Website Optimisation: Make life easy for search engines to find you and read all your content by having a high quality site build free of coding errors, duplicated content and other issues that can cut short your chances of ever seeing improved search engine rankings.

Optimised Web Site Copy: It’s one thing to bring a surfer to the site. It’s another to make them buy. The creation of optimised, converting web copy, including specialist ecommerce product copy if required, is included as standard in most of our SEO services.

Strategic Link Building: Highly relevant backlinks are the SEO currency and critical to better search positions and high quality traffic. Our strategic link building approach makes for powerful ranking collateral and generates relevant, targeted traffic.

Influencer Outreach: Do you enjoy more virtual column inches than a reality TV star? You soon will. From geek to chic, our little black book of contacts includes national newspapers, industry journals, TV channels and glossy magazines as well as bloggers, freelancers, radio presenters and influencers from more than 200 countries worldwide.

Online PR: Online PR engages your audience and builds profile while also helping generate wider search visibility and stronger rankings. We write optimised, compelling and newsworthy PR with full planning, execution and distribution. You enjoy a better search presence.

Social Media Marketing: Forget what you think you know about social media. It is a superb engagement and conversion tool for both B2B and B2C brands. We’ll help you create compelling conversations, increase likes and shares, engage with influencers and create inspiring, engaging social media environments delivering measureable ROI.

“Setting the standard with industry expertise”

It’s no accident that our senior team members are recognised industry experts, speaking at exhibitions and conferences and contributing to leading digital marketing blogs on topics such as SEO, local search, Google updates, social media and content marketing on a regular basis.

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