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Whether you’re looking for snappy and succinct, or corporate and articulate, Dakota Digital’s web content expertise is guaranteed to set your brand apart.

Optimised, engaging and highly converting web copy

Your website is your greatest conversion tool and it’s open and available 24/7. The language you use, sentence style and tone of your copy all represent your brand.

Web copy is the digital equivalent of the physical image your store, showroom or office exudes. It’s important not to neglect its importance or allow it to become stale. Your potential customers will judge heavily and form opinions based on your web text. If it lacks spark, you’ll fail to keep traffic on the page and struggle to convert visitors into paying customers. If it isn’t written to SEO best practice or professionally optimised, you won’t obtain the search rankings needed to drive sales. If your product descriptions aren’t clear and engaging, you risk high cart abandonment rates.

Dakota Digital specialises in crisp, powerful web copy. All content is compelling, unique and tailored to your own brand voice and audience expectations. We’ll consider keyword research, density and placement. We’ll craft sizzling copy, tightly aligned with your brand identity and suggest optimised page titles, meta descriptions and headlines along with strong body copy and appropriate anchor text.

Ecommerce copy

When you drive valuable traffic to your ecommerce store you need to feel confident that your site will gain the trust – and ultimately a sale – from as many of those visitors as possible.

Investing in unique and compelling product descriptions and action-focused copy can play a huge part in your site’s ability to maintain the highest possible conversion rates. Particularly if you’re using paid media to drive those visits, high conversion rates are paramount to a positive ROI.

On top of the impact on consumer behaviour, ecommerce page copy is a vital part of every online store’s SEO activity. All of our ecommerce page copy is orientated around ensuring maximum SEO effectiveness against a carefully selected set of keywords we know to be in demand.

“Getting the mix just right is crucial - and that means sizzling copy married with extensive SEO expertise”

Writing web site content is a tricky balancing act and must weigh the needs of the search engine against the needs of the reader. It’s almost impossible to have one without the other, meaning both sets of needs must be equally well served.

Dakota Digital’s expert SEO copywriters can juggle all of these balls to craft unique, captivating content, perfectly balanced for search engine and consumer requirements. As a full service digital marketing agency, the content we create for your website is written with your other marketing initiatives in mind, helping to build a streamlined, integrated online presence.

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