A new way to share passwords in remote teams

A new way to share passwords in remote teams

Many companies around the world have been forced to switch to remote working – some overnight – and are struggling to manage passwords for all their employees. PassCamp is a unique solution that helps to control shared passwords both inside and outside of an organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has categorized COVID-19 (coronavirus) as global pandemic. Countries all around the world are placed on lockdown, schools are closed and an unprecedented number of companies are switching to work from home. This brings a critical challenge for every team switching to remote work – enabling employees and team members to continue their work efficiently, while ensuring that all shared information remains secure.

Most companies struggle with onboarding new employees and providing them with required access and offboarding departing employees and making sure that all access permissions are revoked. The issue remains relevant when it comes to sharing required information and logins with clients or contractors as well.

PassCamp is a new password manager, developed specifically for collaborating and remote teams. It helps companies to store and share all of their sensitive information (passwords, logins, server keys, secure notes) in an easy to use and securely encrypted platform. The solution provides a unique way to manage and track all passwords shared with team members, clients and contractors.

PassCamp was publicly launched in April of 2019 with an overwhelming demand from customers. Not long after, the tool was selected by the independent Kosciuszko Institute and Google in their CEE market report as one of the most promising tools in the cybersecurity market. Currently, the password management platform is used by over 2,000 companies from all around the world.

Arvydas Vaitkus, PassCamp product marketing manager said, “The work from home trend we are currently witnessing has offered us a glimpse into what the future of work might look like. The reality is that most businesses have to be ready to switch to work remotely, away from their offices. The good news is that there is a selection of tools to make this transition easier than ever before: Microsoft Teams and G-Suite for team management, Slack and Skype for communication and of course PassCamp – for efficient password management inside (and outside) a team.”

Organizations today face enormous challenges to manage shared passwords, but ignoring this issue may very well end their existence altogether.

  • Cybersecurity experts predict that the number of passwords worldwide will surpass 300 billion in 2020
  • Data breach report in 2019 has revealed that 80% of hacking-related breaches leveraged weak or compromised passwords
  • An average data breach will cost a business exceeds $3.88 million in UK and $8.19 million in US
  • Find more information about PassCamp here: PassCamp.com