Safety Expert Sets Sights on Global Zero Harm With New Campaign for 2020

Safety Expert Sets Sights on Global Zero Harm With New Campaign for 2020

An international leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety solutions has launched a new Global 2020 Zero Harm Campaign to ensure that a commitment to employee wellbeing remains at the forefront of operations across the world. With a mission to prioritise the human element of safety, PPE manufacturer and supplier Skanwear hopes to leverage its global reach to help organisations minimise accidents and injury at an international level.

Skanwear’s focus on global zero harm began back in 2016, when the noted workwear firm announced new partnerships with energy companies in a bid to make global zero harm a reality. In doing so, Skanwear became one of the very first organisations to dedicate its efforts entirely to global energy companies to negate the risks that employees working within electrical engineering, thermal generation and utilities face on a daily basis.

This year, the Global 2020 Zero Harm campaign is expected to see Skanwear delve deeper into workplace safety and take the next steps towards eradicating preventable injury on the job. This will be achieved through the campaign’s six initiatives focusing on improving industry knowledge, utilising protective clothing, compliance with local regulation, efficient direct-to-user distribution of safety tools and equipment, better access to training and multilingual professional support. Skanwear’s ultimate goal is to transform commitment to zero harm into a commitment to global zero harm.

Skanwear’s Strategic Account Manager Angus Long said, “The number one goal that we have for our people to go home safe each and every day is achievable. In 2020, there is no excuse, and through our campaign we want to help change behaviours, inspire cooperation and collaboration, create stewardship and generate an effective support network which provides energy companies with the physical tools that they need to make this happen.

“For too long now, we’ve seen the idea of zero harm being something that’s talked about, but never actually auctioned. Zero harm has become a message, not an action, and our mission is to really reiterate the core meaning of zero harm and show that, with the right initiatives, it can be achieved, not only on a nationwide level but at a global level, too.”

The Global 2020 Zero Harm campaign will be supported by Skanwear’s existing efforts to standardise workplace health and safety at an international level. Safeline, the firm’s global online ordering system, offers global pricing and reporting features, while the manufacturer’s diverse range of protective clothing for all climates come in global sizing and with global certification. The in-house team currently distributes to more than 50 countries throughout Europe, the USA and North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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