Temporary Modular Wall System EverPanel Offers Quick, Flexible Way to Make Workplaces Safe Post COVID-19

Temporary Modular Wall System EverPanel Offers Quick, Flexible Way to Make Workplaces Safe Post COVID-19

Businesses, leisure venues and educational organisations preparing to welcome staff, clients and service users back as the national lockdown begins to ease can get a helping hand to make their premises safe and COVID-19 secure from the brand new temporary walling system, EverPanel.

A patent-pending modular wall system from the creators of EverBlock®, EverPanel offers a quick, cost-effective and hygienic method to place temporary partitions in areas where social distancing is required to allow for a safe return to work.

In addition to use as a wall system to split larger spaces, the panels can be connected to create rooms and define areas, allowing facilities managers to adapt existing spaces in line with government guidelines without costly, permanent changes to the fabric of the building.

The unique interlocking modular wall system is made up of durable, lightweight panels that snap together using a proprietary lug and connector system, with no tools required. Panels can be fitted in a straight line or at a 90 degree angle to create corners, and can be stacked and layered to build to the desired height. Each hollow fibreglass panel can accommodate pipes and wires and is made from fibreglass, making them easy to clean and disinfect throughout the day.

Joe Plosky, Everblock® UK Director said, “The EverPanel modular walling and partition system is the ideal solution for workplaces and public venues which now need to comply with social distancing requirements. As they are flexible and multi-purpose and take just minutes to install an dismantle, they provide venues such as warehouses, factories, schools, leisure centres, bars and restaurants with an effective, temporary solution which can then be repurposed when the threat of COVID-19 has passed and social distancing measures have been eased.”

Everpanels modular wall panels are fire tested to ASTM E-84 at Class C and have strong sound dampening properties, making them ideal for busy working environments such as warehouses, logistics hubs and manufacturing settings.

Panels are available in a range of colours and can have vital information such as hygiene guidelines, signage and distancing requirements affixed to them.

To find out more about EverPanel, visit www.Everpanels.co.uk