10 fresh blog and article ideas

Get out of your creative rut with our blog and article topic suggestions

It’s easy to get stuck in a creative rut when it comes to content marketing and draw a blank on the new topics front.

The truth is that powerful, worthwhile content begins with a kernel of creativity – that beginning of an idea that suggests something that is worth writing about and worth reading.

Don’t fall into the trap of creating content purely for SEO purposes. Google is now sophisticated enough to determine the quality of each post you publish so simply rehashing basic information or posting an article filled with keywords and little actual knowledge, information or insight is a total waste of time. The same goes for your reader. The point of SEO is to improve your search engine visibility in order to attract more of the right kinds of traffic to your site. Why present that hard won traffic with useless content? It makes more sense to put the leg work in at the beginning to make your blogging and content marketing as good as it can be.

Whether you want to educate, to inform or to entertain your reader, try these ideas for blog post and article themes. You can use them as they are or consider each idea a starting point and modify it to suit your own digital marketing goals. Keen in mind that regardless of the topic you choose, your blog content should be carefully aligned to your audience personas and deliver on their search intent. With Google becoming ever more sophisticated thanks to advances in AI and machine learning, surfacing content which serves your visitor, by answering their question, helping them solve a problem or otherwise satisfying their search need is a direct ticket to stronger search visibility.

  1. 1

    Customer Q and A

    Interviewing a customer can make for an interesting blog post. It’s also a great piece of content for encouraging new customers further along your sales funnel. In addition to sharing their experiences of working with you, you could delve into their problems and the solutions you presented, to help those considering your products and services understand how you may be able to help.

  2. 2

    Compare and contrast

    Do you have two similar products at different ends of the budget spectrum? A service that commonly gets people thinking about which path to take? A useful compare and contrast post could be the way to go. Don’t make it overly sales driven. Focus on the real pain points, questions and decisions made by users to provide a genuinely helpful piece of content.

  3. 3

    New partnerships

    Do you have a new partnership to talk about? Or a partner to shine a light on due to their unusual way of doing things of interesting commitment to a cause? Perhaps you are looking for new partners or have reached a milestone with an existing one? Shout about it with a blog post! Try and including quotes from stakeholders and interesting facts, stats and numbers.

  4. 4

    Respond to a blog post

    Found a blog post from a commentator or expert that you don’t agree with? Write a response taking the opposing stance. Don’t forget, the more studies, data and research you can cite to back your view, the more authoritative your content becomes.

  5. 5


    Showcase your industry knowledge with a detailed article on the legislation governing your industry, product or service. Is something changing or has something recently changed? Share your take on what that might mean and how it can be interpreted.

  6. 6

    Did you know?

    Share a little known fact about your company each day. This can delve deeper into your history, famous or accomplished employees, milestones or big changes.

  7. 7

    Call on Think with Google

    Google’s Think With Google portal is packed with interesting statistics, infographics and data concerning consumer habits in a range of industries. Try looking up the latest data for your own sector and creating a piece around what you learn.

  8. 8


    Either create your own infographic and use the data to inform a blog post or, find a relevant one from a third party and build a post or article around it

  9. 9


    If you are nominated for an award, or have just received one, creating a blog post or article sharing the experience is an easy way to underline your credibility and share the achievement with your readers.

  10. 10

    Guest post

    If you are really stuck for ideas, consider inviting a well known figure to create a post for you. Guest bloggers and influencer outreach can be a treasure trove of unexplored angles and unique insights.

If you need more help with creative, interesting and unique blog ideas to keep your readers hooked, your site up to date, your social media interesting and your emails packed with tips, try our 100 blog post planner – we’ll brainstorm 100 ideas specifically for your blog.

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