139 facts about Instagram you should know in 2017 [infographic]

Facts, stats and big numbers to be aware of this year

From its birth in 2010 right up to the modern day, this new infographic shares 139 facts and key numbers you should know about Instagram. Whether you are new to the platform or the proud owner of thousands of followers, there is simply no denying the importance of Facebook’s photo sharing sister.

Today, there are 600 million active Instagram users – a number which surged thanks to the addition of 100 million new subscribers in just six months between June and December 2016.

Officially launched in 2010, the site hit 1 million users fairly quickly. It launched an Android app to consolidate its growth in 2012. With $50 million in venture capital funding secured, Facebook then acquired Instagram in 2013 for around $1 billion. The rest is history.

Barely a social media marketing post can be published without mentioning Instagram. Influencers, celebrities and bloggers have been made on the platform and a host of features including Insta stories, videos and eventually Instagram advertising have won over business users too.
Today, Instagram is one of the world’s biggest social networks and an invaluable platform for brands across a range of sectors thanks to its discovery nature. As it’s visually focused it’s a hugely powerful weapon for sharing compelling and engaging content for brands in fitness, beauty, food and travel.

Let’s take a look at the numbers and Instagram’s journey from just another social media start-up to one of the most popular networks on the planet.

139 Facts about Instagram One Should Be Aware of in 2017
Courtesy of: Website Builder.org

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