Why Brand Blogs are Such an Integral Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Beating consumer numbness and aiding content discovery

With the changes in consumer behaviour arising from the takeover of the less advertising sensitive millennial consumer, content marketing has exploded. Modern day consumers have become numb to many traditional forms of offline and online direct advertising and instead are more heavily influenced by their own sense of discovery.

It’s never been more important to offer regular audience friendly content for your target market to digest and use to discover you as a brand as well as your products and services. Blogs provide an extremely flexible way to approach this, making them a versatile digital marketing tool if yielded correctly and made the most of.

Here’s some of the benefits to keeping a brand blog for your online business.

The Freedom to be Reactive

Changing your web content at random to match the latest keyword trends or follow the latest news is ill advised and potentially a detrimental way to run your website. Blogs are a superb route to content freedom. Creating individual pages with dedicated URL’s and titles about any subject matter you like.

Allowing you to stay relevant and keep up with any and all industry trends and news with an easy route to react. Typically, blogs are also really easy to manage and you won’t need to involve a web development team, it can be handled by your marketing team, passed to an external agency or you could even just run it yourself as a small business owner.

SEO is Powered by Content

While I won’t try to make out that SEO is a straight forward channel, it is heavily dictated by content. More specifically your static web content. How much is there? Are you adding to it regularly? Is it supporting your keyword efforts?

The beauty of a blog from an easy perspective is that it acts as a new content flow for your site. Regularly adding to your blog creates new pages and new content so that search engines can see your site and your business is growing consistently. Couple this with the freedom to add content as you see fit and you’re able to plan your blog posts around directly supporting your most valuable search engine keywords.

A well categorised blog with keyword rich content which also reads well for the user is a massively powerful SEO content driver so long as you manage it correctly and add to it often with your SEO head on.

Social Media and Email Click Bait

Social media is one of the leading driving forces behind brand and product discovery for the millennial audience. It simply cannot be overlooked particularly by B2C brands. Most businesses are great at realising the significance of social media and the need to be ever present and posting unique content often but they neglect the means by which to back this up.

Yes you want social presence, you want fans, followers and people to engage with your posts. But the bottom line is that most of your sales and lead generation will come from getting those users from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram on to your own site. You need to provide ample reason for them to do this.

Posting your latest blogs on social media is a superb way to get traffic on site through the use of relevant and timely content. Blogs and other desirable content like video are great ways to get traffic from social to your site. The next step is to look at adding products, strong links and contact forms etc directly to your blog to help visitors/readers journey around the rest of your site.

Where is the Content Going to Come From?

The main reason for businesses not keeping a regularly updated blog isn’t because they don’t realise the importance. It’s simply because they either don’t have the means. Resource or time to produce the content required to power their blog.

It’s for this reason that more and more brands are turning to external agencies to produce their essential digital content for them including business blog planning and blog writing. Something we specialise in here at Dakota Digital.

Have a look at some of our blog writing packages and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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