How does Dakota Digital make SEO services simple and accessible?

Search engine optimisation is one of the most over complicated digital channels and agency provided services I’ve come across in my 11+ years agency side. And for me, even some of the giants of the industry I have worked for in my time leading digital, haven’t managed to do what most business owners and marketers want. Which is to make it easier to understand and buy SEO services.

It’s for this reason that although here at Dakota we offer bespoke full-service SEO packages, we have also created a small range of productised items as well. Our SEO packs are set up as items you can buy from us directly, with no negotiations or long-winded preparation. The idea is simple, much of what it takes to power ranking increases in organic search is consistent progress and a regular quantity of new items. New pages, more SEO friendly content, more external links (ideally earned organically through news and PR), social signals etc all delivered with close attention to required keywords and the audience experience.

We tinker for clients all the time and it’s more often than not the case that after short trial periods, we produce something more custom for the long term. But as far as getting started goes, we’ve designed our SEO Variety Pack to touch all of the major points required as far as a content-based SEO delivery is concerned.


  • SEO optimised blog planning and writing
  • PR planning, writing and distribution
  • Social media post creation and scheduling
  • Web page copy re-writes
  • Additional keyword research assistance
  • 2 x Google My Business post updates
  • Blogger outreach (Organic links and 3rd party content)


  • Current Keyword Ranking Report
  • PR Inbound Link Report

We also have specific SEO packs for eCommerce stores which involve greatly improving product- based SEO visibility by optimising store product pages and writing compelling organic search friendly product descriptions.

If done properly, organic search remains one of the most cost efficient, long term digital marketing channels, provided you’re engaging in worthwhile activity at a good price. This is why we’ve made it as simple as possible for any business regardless of size and budget to start improving their SEO approach.

Have a look at our SEO buy now service pack or, if you want to talk about going a little more bespoke right from the off, call us or drop us an email to and we’ll find the best route forward together.

After all, we are a digital marketing, content and PR agency. Our make up and our structure positions us perfectly to deliver SEO services via content marketing methods that work.


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