Dakota Digital new website shows off a fresh new look for the agency

It's finally arrived, our brand new website and our new look

It’s a painful irony, running a marketing agency and continually neglecting our own marketing in favour of our client work. I’m sure there’s a saying for that, “the shoemakers kids having no shoes” or some other odd reference to bad parenting… but never mind. We’ve finally set aside the time to turn our magnifying glass towards ourselves and create an external view of the agency that matches what we’re doing internally and we’re very happy about it.

Over the past 18 months we’ve had superb opportunities to work with some of the UK’s top brands and some very ambitious and innovative new businesses. We’ve earned some of those clients millions of pounds worth of PR coverage, created killer social media campaigns, revamped digital marketing strategies and even aided in the launch of some promising start ups. The trouble is, we just weren’t showing the world all our great work or even promoting some of our most successful and in demand services. With our new website, updated branding and a range of work and case studies available for all to view, all that is about to change.

It is a huge wake up call having been agency side now for over 11 years, to take on a project like this for my own business and it’s given me renewed patience and understanding for our more demanding and meticulous clients when it comes to the branding, design and build process. And we weren’t even outsourcing the work!

Anyway, on behalf of myself, Rebecca and the rest of our team here at Dakota Digital we’re happy to present our new look and new site. Please be kind but of course feedback and the picking up of any flaws will be greatly appreciated 🙂

We’re still the same vibrant, approachable boutique media agency we were before. We have the same core values and the same desire to create fantastic work with a flexible approach that’s tailored directly to each of our client’s individual needs. So if you’ve been putting it off, stop, get in touch with us and ask us how we can help.


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