What are the most effective times to post on social media?

Is there a formula for identifying the best times to post to social media?

As one of the most popular channels for driving brand awareness and engagement with customers, we’re often asked if we using any particular strategy when it comes to the timing or our social media posts and social media advertising.

While there is no one straight forward answer to the challenge above, there are a number of ways to tackle this and some common sense uses of data and peak social media usage times that can help you to make better choices when timing your posts and campaigns via the various social platforms available. Our Head of Digital and Strategy – Chris Woods has recently published his initial thoughts on Wordtracker’s blog covering just that subject.

“Peak usage times for social media differ greatly from platform to platform. This won’t come as too much of a surprise given that the user intent for each social network can vary dramatically.

You also need to consider what times of the day various devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) are most likely to be used for social media consumption as this may well impact the types of posts or advertising formats you choose to use. LinkedIn for example is a professional network so it naturally has peaks and dips of activity which are largely based around working hours. Facebook is more social so its busiest times don’t follow the working day.”

You can read Chris’s full article on the Wordtracker blog here.


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