Instagram advertising step-by-step

As the fastest growing social network in the world, there are millions of reasons to try Instagram ads

Paid social media advertising is becoming hugely attractive for businesses priced out of traditional PPC and keen to tap into the many benefits and opportunities that social media offers. For many brands, Instagram holds significant allure thanks to its huge audience base, growing popularity and discovery feel – which makes it a compelling prospect for businesses across sectors such as health and fitness, retail, food and drink and fashion.

If you’re about to dip your toe into paid social for the first time, setting up your Instagram account for advertising can be a little off putting. In my latest post for Wordtracker’s search engine marketing Academy, I’ve laid out exactly how to set up an Instagram account and how to get your first Instagram advert published.

Split in to two parts, this is a really detailed guide which will walk you through the entire process. It includes step-by-step instructions and screen shots to illustrate exactly what you should be seeing and where to click. There’s also lots of advice on targeting, image sizes and how to go about deciding on a budget for your first campaign.


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