How many blogs per week is too many?

I’ve faced this question a few times already this year with brands looking to upscale their blogging production. The purpose of this is often driven by SEO needs but naturally also straddles the role of providing superb social media link bait also. The question arises, how many blogs is too many?

Our average clients using our blog planning and writing services have a new blog added to site for every working day of the month. Those who have less often scale up as and when they have the resource available. We have some clients that post over 30 blogs per month and others who post a minimum of two per week. It really depends on budget available and the purpose of why you’re engaging in the activity in the first place.

Content marketing has moved on from a 2016/2017 marketing trend to being an essential part of any brand’s digital marketing approach. You get far more for your money than you do with paid media and the economy that comes with an affective content production and utilisation strategy is second to very few. One of the best things about services like this is that unlike rented pay as you go advertising, content marketing belongs to you. You’ve investing in most cases, in the development of your own digital assets.

Investing in your own digital assets like your website, means more than just giving it a facelift every few months. Not enough brands really pay attention to upgrading and adding to their overall content on a regular enough basis. If SEO is a primary motivator, search engines love new fresh content. They also love to see sites which are continuously growing. Adding new blogs regularly adds copy dominant SEO friendly pages to the site for engines to index. Not only does this expand the volume of available landing pages your site has, it also contributes to your overall content power and relevancy across your given industry. Even better if you add a comments plugin and can add nurture user interactions to your blogs as well. More content and demonstrated user interaction will only enhance your efforts.

Given the significance of social media platforms for generating traffic, brands posting blindly simply to say that they are updating their feeds regularly will likely falter. It’s all well and good to have a steady stream of updates but it’s not enough to inspire a click from a social platform to your site. You need to give the modern-day Millennial/Generation Z consumer a strong reason to click. There needs to be some substance behind the post itself, preferably one which leads to further information or something of desire. Because blogs can be tailored subject wise to pretty much any angle you want, you have the freedom to pursue trending or topically relevant areas for your audience right now. Do this and you’re not only going to come across as a more relevant and up to date brand, but you’re going to gain those crucial initial visits too.

Modern day consumers love to feel like they are discovering and learning on their own. Finding information in this way feels less intrusive than in your face advertising. Get the informative rather than salesy tone right and you’ve created the right environment for these users to be genuinely influenced and therefore create or change the perception of your brand or products within that context. This is what content marketing is all about.

How many is too many? If you have the resources or a helpful professional content creation agency at hand ? then I would urge to push as hard as you can and keep creating that valuable owned content where ever you can. Just ensure you’re tying the work up with your SEO needs, the desire and topical requirements of your audience and leveraging social media and even email to create additional reasons to inspire visits to your site.

Chris Woods
Head of Digital


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