10-Year-Old's Genius Creation Solves the Toxic Problem With Fidget Spinners

10-Year-Old’s Genius Creation Solves the Toxic Problem With Fidget Spinners

With retailers rushing to pull cult fidget spinner toys off their shelves following the news that most contain dangerous levels of lead, an enterprising 10-year-old boy has inspired an eco-friendly and totally biodegradable new material which forms the basis of a very special DIY fidget spinner kit.

The brainchild of Rohan Tammabattula, the son of Magik Toys founder Balaji Tammabattula, Magik Putty is a special, unique new material which looks and feels like real plastic but melts in hot water to become a gel. Once the putty is placed in water, it softens so that it can be molded into any shape – including a non-toxic fidget spinner which is supremely family friendly and can be made, melted and remade on demand.

Perfect for kids of any age and a great project for curious minds, Magik Putty takes 15 minutes to harden into shape after being pressed into a mold. The unique properties of the putty mean that once hardened, it’s incredibly strong, tough and durable and almost impossible to break with bare hands. However, drop it back into hot water and it becomes a soft and malleable gel once again, ready to be formed into something new.

Magik Putty forms the basis of the DIY Fidget Spinner Kit from Magik Toys. The kit contains everything needed to make a fidget spinner at home, including two spinner molds, bearings, bearing caps, bamboo sticks, sand paper, Magik Putty, plain silicone and an instruction manual.

Balaji Tammabattula, founder of Magik Toys said, “Like many parents, I was horrified by the news that Target and other retailers were removing their fidget spinners from the shelves because of concerns about toxic materials. My little boy was fascinated by his fidget spinners and was desperate to make his own. We watched loads of DIY spinner videos online before making a silicone mold – we used gallium first but, while it’s safe, it’s also very messy and quite expensive.

“We wanted a solution that was more affordable, which is when we began developing our Magik Putty. It’s incredible and while it looks like plastic, it takes on the properties of a gel in water. It’s safe for kids and is reusable – just pour, melt, mold and play so kids of all ages can make things over and over again, thousands of times and the fun never ends.”

Available now, the DIY Fidget Spinner Kit by Magik Toys is a creative tool for kids and a great way to get youngsters making something cool with a hands on activity they’re sure to love.

The multi-creational Magik Putty can also be purchased separately.

To find out more visit https://magiktoys.com/pages/magiktoys-story or buy the DIY Fidget Spinner Kit on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0773TGHML . The Kit conforms to toy safety standards in the USA and Europe. The product is certified for kids aged 8+.