100% Organic Smoothie Company to Launch Plant-Powered Protein Range

100% Organic Smoothie Company to Launch Plant-Powered Protein Range

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company has launched a delicious vegan alternative to protein powders in the form of super tasty, totally healthy and 100% organic plant-powered protein smoothies. Available now, the protein box can be selected as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly menu with the prepared ingredients delivered to the door for blend-it-yourself goodness any day of the week.

Rebelling against the predictable ‘apple and banana’ smoothies, Honestly Good’s new protein smoothies are the perfect fuel for fitness fans and incorporate an eclectic, sustainable abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, seeds and superfoods. Ingredients include the vitality-boosting maca root powder, vitamin-rich kelp, broccoli, amchur and baobab, an exceptional antioxidant from Africa’s Tree of Life.

There is at least 15g of protein in each smoothie, thanks to healthy ingredients such as cannellini beans, peas, and tofu.

Vikesh Kotecha, founder of The Honestly Good Smoothie Co. said, “We’re delighted to launch our first protein smoothie box just in time for Veganuary. It is the perfect option for anyone looking to reset to a healthy lifestyle this New Year and comes prepared and ready to blend, so it couldn’t be easier to enjoy. Our plant-powered protein recipes are delicious, with a huge range of organic ingredients and a huge 15g of protein per serving. We’ve experimented with lots of recipes and incorporated plenty of superfoods to up the goodness factor.”

To find out more, visit www.honestly-good.co or watch the video: https://youtu.be/_1xg9xzPsEM