2021’s Hottest Hair Brand To Embrace Natural Waves Set to Take Industry by Storm

2021’s Hottest Hair Brand To Embrace Natural Waves Set to Take Industry by Storm

As more people learnt to embrace their natural hair over the pandemic, one haircare start-up identified an unexpectedly ignored section of the market and is now reaping the benefits.

In a first-of-its-kind system, UK-based Merwave has formulated a line-up of products to allow people with naturally wavy hair to awaken their beachy texture and improve the overall appearance of their locks.

Merwave’s signature wavy hair kit, which promises to unleash soft, lush, energised and beach-worthy waves in just 15-minutes, is one of the few products on the market targeted towards those with naturally wavy hair—although the whole set is curly-girl approved. The five-product routine is designed to be an extremely quick and simple addition to any existing beauty routine.

Merwave has quickly become a must-have brand taking the hair industry by storm after being created at the height of the pandemic. With 5000 sales already under their belt since launching in April 2021, the new business is expecting to reach a staggering £750k worth of sales in their first year alone—all while the founder has juggled looking after a toddler and expecting a second child.

Abigail Reid, Owner of Merwave said, “Over lockdown I saw so many tutorials of people trying the ‘curly girl hair routine’ and because my hair was wavy, I thought this routine would work for me too—I was wrong! I would always just end up with a limp and greasy mess.

“I had tried to find products for my wavy hair, but it was almost impossible, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own unique system that I could use for myself and share with other wavy-haired people! I wanted a quick and non-complicated routine that would awaken natural waves so I could embrace my hair’s texture, which is how I came up with Merwave. Five healthy and affordable products, zero strict rules.”

After the success of Merwave, Abigail and her husband have now both quit their jobs to keep up with the ever-growing demand for the wavy hair products. The brand has also recently launched their newest product, The Wavy Hair Oil which can be used in addition to their existing 5-piece kit.

The Merwave kit consists of 5 essential hair products that awake naturally wavy hair, including a shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mousse, and gel that deliver everything your hair could need to stay nourished and healthy, while restoring the damage caused by straighteners and other heated tools.

With almost 400 five-star reviews already racked up on their website, and a 2000-strong Facebook group of loyal customers embracing their natural waves, Merwave is a company showing no signs of slowing down.

All products in the line-up are completely vegan, sulphate, silicon and paraben-free, and never tested on animals. The Wavy Hair Kit can be ordered online on the Merwave website and can be purchased separately or in duo bundles.

To find out more about Merwave, visit https://merwave.co.uk/