4Retirees champions valuable ‘skills for profit’ initiative with bold global online community

4Retirees champions valuable ‘skills for profit’ initiative with bold global online community

Designed specifically for retired persons looking for purpose, fulfilment and a way to supplement their pension pots, 4Retirees has set up an ambitious and innovative one of a kind online global community with the aim of connecting members with projects that play to their existing skills and hobbies with the aim of turning a profit.

Helping retirees repurpose their current lifestyle for a more active, enjoyable, and profitable retirement,  the group is headed up by an expert team of ‘seniorprenuers’ who are on hand to offer 1-to-1 mentorship and provide the inspiration and motivation retirees need to source engaging and enjoyable projects that they can carry out for their own financial gain.

With many retirees often citing loniliness and a lack of purpose as leading causes of low mood and poor motivation, the 4Retirees global community is seeking to smash the misconception that retirement means hours of inactivity and replaces these ideas with a vibrant and inspirational online platform where retirees can connect with others, seek out a fresh new purpose via mentorship and make a profit from their efforts that will go towards enhancing their lifestyles.

From setting up their own small business to following a  passion that seemed just out of reach in earlier years, 4Retirees aims to build and enhance the skills of their members and offers them a supportive and inspirational platform where their dreams can finally become a reality thanks to expert mentorship from those that have already made the journey towards a happy, fulfilling and profitable retirement project.

With a three-tiered subscription service suited to retirees with different goals, the free membership subscription option is the first of its kind and provides a fully interactive global community where people over the age of 60 can interact and engage with other members and gain access to informative and insightful articles, webinars, and member stories, designed to help inspire retirees to follow their passions.

Taking their dreams a stage further, the Profitable Retirement Projects Subscription gives retirees access to additional services including free project assessment tools and a paid-for list of profitable project matches hand-picked exclusively for members which designed to help retirees match their hobbies with rewarding ventures.

Finally, the mentoring level offers an access all areas  subscription to help ignite purpose and explore existing or new hobbies, focusing on individual progress and defining the objective and plan of action for the member to turn their project into a reality.

Magdalena Kusyk, Founder and Advisor of 4Retirees, is encouraging seniors to join their vibrant community and improve their retirement lifestyle. “Our aim is to banish the misconception that retirement means that senior skills end up on the scrapheap as we have the tools right here to help our members regain purpose and follow a new profitable direction based on their skills, hobbies and interests.

Our community seeks to inspire and support our members to follow their passions and redefine their retirement by following their dreams and learning new skills which leads to better mental and physical wellness, so we urge anyone seeking a new challenge during retirement or those heading up to their last few months at work to find out more now so we can showcase our subscription services and how they are successfully transforming the lives of our members for the better.”

To find out more about the global online community 4Retirees and become a member of the inspiring community, visit: https://www.4Retirees.com