50% of Amazon Sellers Failing to Reach Their Full Potential

50% of Amazon Sellers Failing to Reach Their Full Potential

Amazon gives sellers access to a huge global market, but research from new service Amazon Business Integration has revealed that 50% of businesses using the platform aren’t reaching their full potential.

While Amazon already accounts for a staggering four out of ten online sales and ships over 1.6 million packages daily, there’s plenty of scope for sellers to continue growing. Around half of the units sold through the platform come from third-party sellers and 70% use their fulfilment service. While using fulfilment services comes with a lot of benefits, it’s a move that also creates additional work for sellers meaning they struggle to reach their full potential.

Peter Thomas, Managing Director of Amazon Business Integration, said, “Many sellers find that fulfilment processes are draining too much in terms of precious resources and time due to staff having to enter data to and from Amazon manually. It’s one of the key reasons behind many sellers not being able to seize all the opportunities that come their way. From restricting the number of products offered to limiting the number of orders processed, balancing fulfilment tasks can actually have a hugely negative impact on the success of a business.”

With a solution-based approach, Amazon Business Integration is setting out to provide essential support to those 50% of businesses that still have room to grow, as well as to Amazon sellers that want to spend fewer resources on time-consuming processes. The innovative EDI integration with Amazon tool allows sellers to fully automate resource dependent manual processes and fully integrate the Amazon Order to Cash process data with internal business systems.

Thomas added, “The result of using Amazon Business Integration can be massive for a seller that’s finding a significant portion of their resources tied up with manual fulfilment processes. Deploying EDI technology means they have far more time to dedicate to expanding their presence in the booming marketplace, build positive customer relationships, and carry out research to identify the products that consumers will be demanding next. It’s a tool that allows business development to take centre stage.”

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