" 70 years old man's song to save Mediterranean Sea"

70 years old man’s song to save Mediterranean Sea

Jengho releases single “Mediterranea- She’s everybody’s baby”

OUT NOW Listen Here ‘Mediterranea- She’s everybody’s baby’ is the latest dance track from London based Environmentalist / Musician Jengho. This track has a great deal to offer, fusing dance sounds with flamenco, whirling into sounds of accordions and darbukas to create an entrancing sound that lures you to just get up and dance. Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, the track brings about an important message of conservation. Jengho hopes to raise awareness and raise funds to protect the seas and the beaches. To spread the message even further, he also encourages musicians to remix it with their own renditions.

Jengho is a 70-year-old environmentalist / musician set on protecting his love, the sea. Last summer, he was sailing across the Mediterranean sea and was astonished to find the ‘environmental massacre’ left there. He was so moved by the scene that he decided to raise awareness about it in the best way he knew how, through music. He made ‘Mediterranea- She’s everybody’s baby’ to shake the beach clubs this summer and raise money for our oceans, an inspiring combination!

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