9996 Special Membership Passes Available for Quacklemore Ranch Club

9996 Special Membership Passes Available for Quacklemore Ranch Club

Quacklemore Ranch Club is launching a new, unique NFT collection, with a limited 9996 special membership pass available. The release is intended to show a more transparent, more responsible side to NFT-funded firms, with QRC committed to achieving two vital business goals: supporting those in need, and guiding entrepreneurs closer towards their plans to change the world.

Purchasing a ‘Quacker’ doesn’t just provide a token or avatar. QRC will provide every member with an exclusive opportunity to gain insight, support, and assistance from some of the brightest minds in the world through the QRC venture capital platform. A place to pitch new ideas, identify critical funding opportunities from angel investors to get these ideas off the ground, and invest in great concepts from other members, the platform is a one-stop-shop for promoting and facilitating innovations to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Members will also have direct access to a dedicated charity platform, where they can use the QUACKOIN cryptocurrency to provide financial support to those in need. 20% of all QRC profits will be donated to charitable causes, including mental health organisations and children’s services, making this the first ever cryptocurrency 100% committed to boosting health and wellbeing.

Co Founder and Head of Operations at Quacklemore Ranch Club, Olki says “The ultimate goal of the Quacklemore Ranch Club is to create a strong community of like-minded people who are dedicated to supporting those in need and growing both personally and financially at the same time”.

Visitors to the QRC website may notice the innovative design that’s been chosen for the NFT collection. The eye-catching golden duck beak comes direct from two leading designers: a London-based, award-winning indie games expert who counts the likes of Adidas, LoveScotch, and GIZ amongst their clients, and a talented fashion designer who graduated from one of the world’s top art schools with a qualification in sustainable design.

Lead Designer Amu says “the idea of using ducks as our avatar originated from three of our team members saving a duck from peril during their university days. While our mission stays true to the origin story, which is to help those in need, we want to use our design to bring an enjoyable whimsical element while also reminding our community of the wider cause”.

The new collection will launch soon.

To find out more about the new collection, visit www.quacklemore.com