Activ Retreats Announces New Marketplace That Brings Active Travel Adventure with a Little Bit of Zen to the World

Activ Retreats Announces New Marketplace That Brings Active Travel Adventure with a Little Bit of Zen to the World

New service gives runners, hikers, cyclists, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts an easy outlet to find wellness travel on their terms

San Francisco, CA— Activ Retreats, a global adventure and wellness travel company launched a new marketplace today, with an eye on serving active travelers looking to marry their passion for travel, sports and wellness into one ideal holiday. Serving travelers looking for running, cycling, hiking, fitness, equestrian, swimming, surfing, rafting, martial arts and rock-climbing getaways, the marketplace provides one central location for guests to explore, find and book hand-picked retreats in a few simple clicks.

Coming out of COVID there has been a surge in wellness travel. And with good reason. People across the globe have a heightened awareness of the importance of wellness and a desire to break free from the confines of being cooped up.

Today, retreats have become a popular way for travelers to see the world–but they have traditionally focused heavily on relaxation and meditation.

What has been missing is a way to marry people’s desire to travel with wellness and sports.

This is particularly important, given that fitness is tightly correlated to wellness and mental health. In fact, according to the Global Health and Fitness Association (2021) out of 1,158 studies examined, 89% found a statistically significant, positive association between physical activity or exercise and mental health.

“We started Activ Retreats to provide a much-needed outlet to the outdoorsy and adventurous crowd, who also value the importance of wellness as they explore the world,” said Rejane Wilson, one of the co-founders of Activ Retreats.“We wanted to provide a way for these people to do what they love away from home.”

Today there are over 621 million runners (Ask Wander, 2021) and 300 million people who do yoga (Modern Gentlemen, 2021). There are 23 million people who surf (Surfer Today, 2021) and many more that hike, rock climb, swim, practice martial arts and do fitness.

Activ Retreats provides a new hub to bring these sports enthusiasts together and makes it easy for them to take their passion on the road-and brings a little zen into the mix for good measure.

Wellness travel is here to stay. In fact, it is growing at 21% each year according to the Travel Wellness Institute. But it is evolving to attract a whole new set of active travelers. Activ Retreats is excited to lead the way.

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