Adonis Manufacturing Helps Beauty Brands Meet Customer Demands Through Hardworking Private Label Formulas

Adonis Manufacturing Helps Beauty Brands Meet Customer Demands Through Hardworking Private Label Formulas

As the demands of beauty consumers continue to spike in 2022, beauty brands have been forced to work harder than ever to quickly launch new, innovative products. Adonis Manufacturer has become the go-to US-based manufacturer helping brands satisfy customers.

In 2021, the global industry reached new levels of growth – rising from $483B in 2020 to $511B in 2021. The rapid expansion of digital channels and growing purchasing powers of Gen-Z customers and emerging nations is fuelling the industry boom which is now expected to reach as high as $784.6B by 2027 [1].

The growth in popularity of skin, hair and makeup products is putting unprecedented pressure on beauty brands trying to keep up in an already-saturated market. In these times, spending years testing and developing new products is not an option for brands looking to keep up with the changing demands of consumers.

Adonis Manufacturing, a full-scale cosmetics manufacturing lab operating out of an 80,000 square-foot facility in Corona, California, believes that they have the answer to brands looking for effective formulas on a tight timeline – their 2000-strong roster of private label formulas.

The cosmetics manufacturer has spent 50 years developing some of the best-selling beauty products for top global brands and has now amassed a strong selection of formulas that customers can buy online and get shipped to them directly.

Adonis Manufacturing says, “The way the beauty industry works is changing, and if brands want to keep up, they need to reconsider how they develop products. For many brands, they don’t have the time or resources to commit to the full development process, so choosing private label formulas is the best option. You can benefit from our high-quality, effective formulas that have already been through rigorous testing. This cuts down on your investment and helps gets new products on shelves quicker.”

Many formulas are available for immediate use for companies in a rush. All labelling, compounding, and filling is done under one roof at Adonis’ state-of-the-art factory. The company’s in-house team of R&D experts and experienced chemists create high-quality and effective health, beauty and household products such as moisturisers, body lotions, shampoos and hand soaps.

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