Afro-Caribbean Experts Volletta Unveil Top Tips for Caring for Weft Hair

Afro-Caribbean Experts Volletta Unveil Top Tips for Caring for Weft Hair

In the quest for long, luscious hair more and more people are turning to wefts to give their natural beauty a boost. Despite the growing trend, Afro-Caribbean hair extension experts, Volletta say a lack of understanding around care means that many beauty addicts are being forced to buy new wefts long before they should. The online platform dedicated to quality is now offering fashionistas the tips they need for shiny, smooth locks months after they’ve made a purchase.

Day-to-day maintenance is vital for maintaining hair extensions and keeping them looking as beautiful as they did when first worn, Volletta explains. That means gently brushing the weft frequently throughout the day while holding the roots and always using a protector before plugging in the straighteners or curlers is a must. Washing is another important aspect. Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner should only be used, boosting moisture retention and preventing the hair from being weighed down, the experts add. The top hack from Volletta for when wefts could do with a boost to revive their radiant finish is to apply a replenishing balm, providing an instant lift.

A spokesperson from Volletta, said “Weft hair can last for up to two years with a good care routine in place but many beauty addicts are having to bin theirs well before this time. Poor care means that extensions end up looking dry, tangled, and dull before their time. At Volletta we want our customers to be satisfied and that means giving them the advice they need to get the most out of their new wefts.”

While caring for weft hair is crucial, Volletta notes that picking out high quality hair extensions is key for a long lasting, natural looking style. Virgin remy hair, which makes up all Volletta’s extensive range, are made from 100% human hair that has been unprocessed, giving an added shine. Remy hair also means hair cuticles are all placed in same direction, resulting in a product that’s more durable. Volletta’s commitment to using hair of only the highest quality means that it’s team have searched the globe to bring premium products to its customers.

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