After COP26 News, Fish4Ever Helps Consumers Reduce Their Carbon Footprint at Mealtimes

After COP26 News, Fish4Ever Helps Consumers Reduce Their Carbon Footprint at Mealtimes

As world leaders and environmental activists came together to discuss climate change at the recent COP26 summit, leading canned fish producer, Fish4Ever are giving the everyday consumer the opportunity to take their own stand against climate change and reduce their carbon footprint at mealtimes.

Although many environmentalists will frequently cut out fish from their diets, Fish4Ever have proved that fish can be a surprisingly low-carbon food alternative that can be almost as effective at reducing levels of CO2 as a vegan diet. Tuna in particular, is an excellent form of low carbon protein, as long as it’s fished sustainably, and pole and line caught.

Fish4Ever were the first canned fish company that started with the specific goal of sourcing and selling sustainable fish—something that many other leading fish suppliers still aren’t doing. Using their holistic, all-encompassing approach, Fish4Ever has been able to protect the land, sea, and people to promote the best possible fishing practices that benefit everyone.

The leading brand is the only one of its kind in the UK which insists on organic land ingredients and directly addresses the issues of intensive farming and high CO2 emissions in the fishing industry.

To ensure that none of the fishing methods adopted by Fish4Ever are damaging, the company choose small boats and sustainable methods that avoid all known risks such as by-catch and discard. They’ve also been awarded a score of 89% by Greenpeace and described as a ‘Global Leader’ by the high-profile environmental charity.

Fish4Ever’s s parent company, Organico Realfoods, where the company sell their full range of canned fish products direct to customers has also committed to a ‘better than net zero’ policy as a promise to keep their business sustainable and eco-friendly. They are doing this by using no air miles for the products they buy and sell, double offsetting business flights, having a ‘climate tax’ and finding alternative offsetting practices through selected high quality environmental projects.

Charles Redfern, Founder of Fish4Ever says, ““At Fish4Ever we’ve been fighting for sustainability since we started. In 2020 we went one step neutral: net zero. That means every can of Fish4Ever we sell has had its emissions counted by an independent consultancy firm using science-based protocols and standards.”

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