Age-tech Start-up Launches Free Online Workouts for Older Adults

Age-tech Start-up Launches Free Online Workouts for Older Adults

A third of adults over the age of 55 feel deterred from regular exercise because they lack confidence in their ability and feel self-conscious when exercising in public. To combat these issues, one age-tech start-up, Spry, has launched a ‘Fit in Five’ online programme providing free online workouts specifically designed for older adults.

The over 50s often feel underserved and ignored by the youth-obsessed fitness market, but Spry wants to change this. While most brands choose to target young people in the health and wellness market, Spry has dedicated their platform to helping older adults get fit and healthy through programming that is designed specifically for their needs and preferences.

The ultimate fitness experience for older adults mixes user-friendly digital content and a wealth of experience from Spry’s resident experts. Membership to Spry offers users video-on-demand workout classes and wellness content, as well as access to a welcoming and supportive virtual community of people at a similar life stage who are united in the determination to improve their health.

The launch of Spry’s new Fit in Five programme aims to help the nation shake off lockdown lethargy and embrace a more active lifestyle. Breaking through the typical stereotypes that plague the fitness industry, Spry is showing that you can be fit and healthy, regardless of your age or ability.

The fun and rewarding programme is a totally free, completely online two-week plan that features five exercise videos and expert advice that users can come back to whenever they like. Four of the five workouts are seated, making this one of the most accessible exercise programmes on the internet.

The plan is focussed on three core areas: building strength, improving flexibility and balance, and increasing overall fitness.

Melanie Brown, Founder of Spry says, “The lack of representation of the over 50s in fitness has long been a problem we’re passionate about fixing. Everyone deserves access to the tools they need to get active and improve their health, no matter their age, body type, or abilities. Through Spry, we hope to open up the world of fitness to those who have so often felt excluded by it.”

The fitness experts who designed the programme did so with particular focus on the changing needs and abilities of our bodies as we age. Using this programme, people who previously lacked confidence to exercise, will feel reenergised and empowered to get fit.

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