AirShoud E-Cover Protects Cars Leaves Cars Looking New for Longer

AirShroud E-Cover Protects Cars Leaves Cars Looking New for Longer

No longer a luxury, owning a car is now almost a necessity for many. But the maintenance required to keep cars looking clean and tidy can often take a backseat in such a busy world. AirShroud’s E-Cover, the latest piece of vehicle tech, is designed to free up car owners’ time by keeping their cars looking like new for longer.

The innovative new car protection system offers a waterproof and breathable covering for vehicles that are left stationary for periods of time. Preventing colour fade and scratches, as well as offering snow and frost protection, its semi-tailored fit keeps cars clean for periods where it may not be needed. The first of its kind, the electronic protection system offers much more than traditional car covers thanks to the material used – and of course its technical aptitudes.

Andy Low, Operations Manager said, “In today’s world, it’s common for individuals to own a car. However for many individuals who live in cities and commute to work on public transport, they only use their cars at the weekends. During this time, cars are often neglected and left outside in the open. As a result, their car is subjected to a wide range of environmental abuse which will negatively affect it exterior condition – leaving it looking old before its time. And this is why we developed the innovative system.”

Designed as much more than a car protection kit, it’s also set to save car owners’ time. By cutting down on maintenance, such as the number of times a car needs to be washed, as well as limiting the amount of effort used doing so, the E-Cover is set to be a staple on busy commuters’ driveways right around the country.

The AirShroud will be available to purchase online from 8th June, with pre-orders receiving 10% off the RRP.

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