Alternative to freelance bidding sites and marketplaces opens for the UK’s two million gig economy workers

Alternative to freelance bidding sites and marketplaces opens for the UK’s two million gig economy workers

Small digital agencies and established freelancers looking to grow their client lists can now use a new type of business development platform, launched to challenge the existing lead generation systems of the freelance marketplace.

Over the last 24 months, the gig economy has been booming in Great Britain and around the world. According to the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, there are two million freelancers in the UK, contributing £119 billion to the UK economy (source: IPSE).

Freelance bidding sites (such as Upwork, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour) or marketplaces (like Crew, Appfutura, Toptal and Gigster) have been the primary routes to new projects and commissions. Freelancers and small independent web design, online marketing and mobile development agencies have also had the option of generating leads themselves via word of mouth or participating in RFP’s. These options are generally not suitable for smaller agencies and individual freelancers and give bigger organisations and those with professional pitch writers a huge advantage.

Until now.

Workroll is a new kind of platform which pairs advanced freelancers and small agencies with projects from businesses around the globe. It takes no commission, isn’t involved in the transaction process and boasts an average project value of $10,000. Freelancers and agencies who want to avoid the bidding war of other freelance sites or race to the bottom typical of other lead gen platforms, can instead take back control with Workroll.

Mitchell Bryson, CEO of Workroll said, “Workroll really is something different for established freelancers and smaller agencies who are tired of their current options to win projects. It is an alternative to freelance bidding sites, where the emphasis is often on the cheapest bid, and the higher end marketplaces which are exclusive and often too expensive. There are hefty commissions – Upwork charges around 20% for example – to factor in too, which we know many individuals and agencies are disillusioned with.

“We have a fixed pricing structure and no surprises, making us the ideal option for freelancers and agencies who want to manage their own processes, access good quality projects and empower their own business growth, whether that’s as a single freelancer making a career out of the gig economy, or a small web company.”

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