Amanotes opens up immersive musical gaming experiences for all as it reaches 1.4+ billion downloads milestone

Amanotes opens up immersive musical gaming experiences for all as it reaches 1.4+ billion downloads milestone

With music being a key feature to enhance the user experience for many successful games and apps, Southeast Asia’s largest app publisher Amanotes has hit on a winning formula to combine musical content with new games; something which has seen it hit almost 100 million monthly active users from 191 countries and reach a milestone 1.4 billion+ downloads in total.

By keeping its focus firmly on the vision of making music an interactive experience for everyone, the company’s slogan ‘Everyone can music’ seeks to take music tech to the next level. It transcends the listening or streaming experience for something that allows the user to fully experience sound.

An increasing number of software and app developers are focusing on the important role played by music in enhancing the user experience, something that Amanotes has already leveraged to see it become number 1 music games publisher in the world.

Amanotes has successfully fulfilled this heightened demand for music within gameplay, playing a key role in the development of many popular titles played daily all over the globe by partnering with global artists, music labels and industry partners, including the likes of Monstercat, YG Entertainment and TheFatRat.

With more than 420 million downloads to date, Magic Tiles 3 is one of Amanotes’ greatest success stories, closely followed by Tiles Hop with 350 million-plus downloads and Dancing Road with 160 million downloads.

Amanotes recently welcomed over 1000 visitors to MusicGamingCon, a virtual two-day event at the intersection of music and technology. Influencers, creators and brands from the music-tech industry came together throughout the conference to discuss hot topics such as music education, production, podcasts, newsletters, marketing, and monetization in the music business.

CEO & Co-founder of Amanotes, Bill Vo said, “The future of music and technology is going to be exciting, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this. At Amanotes, we’re crafting unique music experiences, so that everyone can not only listen but also fully experience music.”

CPO & Co-founder, Silver Nguyen added, “Amanotes began life as the underdog from Vietnam but our vision of giving people easy access to interactive, immersive musical experiences through games has seen us connect with users in almost 200 countries worldwide. We very much see ourselves as a music technology company on a mission to help new audiences around the world enjoy cutting-edge interactive experiences. We have a dedicated music team that works tirelessly on our product and the music-tech ecosystem to drive new developments. Reaching more than one billion downloads is just the beginning; expect more exciting things from us in 2021.”

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