Amazon Sellers Need to Invest in Their Process as Number of Online Shoppers Continues to Grow

Amazon Sellers Need to Invest in Their Process as Number of Online Shoppers Continues to Grow

Amazon sellers keen to take advantage of the rapidly growing online shopping market need to simplify the process related to each transaction, according to expert Amazon Business Integration. The specialist firm, which helps automate fulfilment processes, explained that with the right tools, resourceful Amazon sellers will free up more time to expand their presence within the marketplace.

According to the latest research from Future Shopper, over half of consumers now shop online more than in-store. It marks a growing shift in the way customers find the products they want and carry out research. The good news for Amazon sellers is that 35% of online spend in the UK is made through the platform, giving them a massive slice of the market to tap into. Unsurprisingly, it’s the younger generations that are leading the way when it comes to online shopping, with millennials accounting for half of the total online spend. With Generation Z, a group of consumers that have grown up with technology, enter the workforce and increase their spending power, it’s likely that the number of online shoppers will increase further still.

Peter Thomas, Managing Director of Amazon Business Integration, said, “With younger generations fully embracing online shopping, Amazon sellers need to be prepared for a rising number of customers if they are to take full advantage of the changing marketplace. As online shopping becomes the norm, customers increasingly expect a seamless digital experience. For Amazon merchants, they need to get their fulfilment processes streamlined and simplified so that parcels are heading on their way to customers as quickly as possible.

“With so many steps they need to take, fulfilment processes can take up a huge chunk of time for sellers, especially when they’re still finding their feet. It can leave little time for adding new products and engaging in marketing activity that will draw in customers. A smart system that’s designed with the platform in mind, such as Amazon Business Integration, can take some of those routine tasks out of sellers’ hands.”

Launched by electronic data interchange experts, AdvanceFirst Technologies, Amazon Business Integration has been developed in response to increasingly demanding consumer expectations. The EDI tool was developed specifically for Amazon when it became clear that using different processes hindered the speed of order fulfilment, reducing growth. It’s an innovative automated solution built to facilitate the increasing volume of online trade – utilising a team of experienced implementation and project management consultants to seamlessly exchange business transactions.

The Amazon Business Integration service provides a solution to seamlessly and efficiently automate resources previously dependent on manual processes while reducing risks and costs. The numerous benefits make it a fundamental tool for Amazon businesses preparing for the predicted escalation of the e-commerce market.

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