American Streetwear Brand Fuses Wearable Technology with Sustainable Fabric

American Streetwear Brand Fuses Wearable Technology with Sustainable Fabric

sPACYcLOUd debuts its foray into wearable technology with cutting-edge organic onesie proudly made in the USA.

A US fashion brand has gone where no other apparel has dared tread with its latest launch – a revolutionary onesie that fuses cutting-edge wearable technology with an equally radical raw material.

sPACYcLOUd’s Hemp Onesie is a sustainably sourced, organic alternative to other man made fibers, is kind to the environment and soft on skin. It’s made in the USA and the ideal vehicle for urban street and leisure wear that takes technology to a new frontier.

A fashion brand for the free spirited, sPACYcLOUd apparel is favored by surfers and skateboarders, street stylers and mountain climbers. Its new onesie is a perfect blend of work and play, ideal for camping and sleeping as well as commuting and creating thanks to its clever design which keeps wearers with lots of gadgets to tote front of mind. The onesie is earphone ready with a ring inside the pocket and has two flat cord drawstrings at the oversized privacy hood. There’s a special opening in the pocket front that allows the wearer to route earbud wires through to the stored device with ease. No tangled wires, no bulky work arounds, just easy connections designed to fit.

Whether it’s a cell phone, a mini tablet, an iPod or other gadget, the sPACYcLOUd Hemp Onesie makes staying connected a breeze with tones of secure pockets, a secure wallet storage and easy pull-on and pull-off design.

Tatiana Kolina, Founder of sPACYcLOUd said, “From the drawing board stage, I’ve worked to the mantra that the sPACYcLOUd onesie should be made to fit your body, designed to fit your life. Including clear wearable technology considerations was the only logical possibility and the resulting design is one that keeps the wearer connected in the most seamless, convenient and comfortable way possible.”

It’s not just the connectivity ready details which make the sPACYcLOUd onesie a tech lover’s dream. Made entirely in the USA, the use of hemp is a natural fit for tech fans with an eye to the future. It’s an incredibly versatile plant which can grow just about anywhere, without botanicals or expensive, toxic chemicals required. Because it flourishes without pesticides, it’s also sustainable.

Although hemp has been used for over 6000 years, it’s undervalued in modern society with few everyday applications – making it a fashionably forward choice for those keen to push boundaries and forge new directions.


sPACYcLOUd Hemp Onesie Features

  • Made in the USA from touchably soft, ultra comfortable hemp and organic cotton blend
  • The design features pockets, secure wallet storage, a hood and built-in wearable tech
  • Pull on, pull off design making it easy to wear and remove
  • Apparel for use indoors or outdoors
  • Great for travelling, camping, sleeping, working, playing and thinking

sPACYcLOUd has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of its revolutionary Hemp Onesie. Early backers will receive a range of perks including an exclusive sPACYcLOUd comic, snapbacks, beanies, t-shirts and onesies.

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