Amid US Supply Chain Shortages, One Cosmetics Manufacturer Has Helped Brands Fulfil Rising Christmas Demand

Amid US Supply Chain Shortages, One Cosmetics Manufacturer Has Helped Brands Fulfil Rising Christmas Demand

Despite supply chain shortages causing issues for many businesses in the US, one California-based healthcare manufacturer has been helping brands to fulfil rising Christmas demand and battle delays head-on.

Adonis Manufacturing is making it easier for both American and international businesses to sail through this busy period with fast turnaround times for custom and private label formulas, with some being able for immediate use for companies in a rush.

With all labelling, compounding, and filling done under one roof in their state-of-the-art factory, Adonis Manufacturing are able to use their in-house R&D experts and experienced chemists to create high-quality and effective formulas for a range of health, beauty and household products such as moisturisers, body lotions, shampoos and hand soaps.

After the pandemic disrupted nearly every aspect of the supply chain across the world, many companies have experienced severe interruptions to the delivery and transportation of their goods—which has been especially disruptive to companies who produce their products outside of the US.

Choosing a US-based manufacturer, like Adonis, companies can enjoy minimal disruption, shorter lead times, while still enjoying the same high-quality formulations.

CEO and Founder of Adonis Manufacturing, Helga Arminak said, “Because of the pandemic, supply chains across the country—and globally—have taken a massive hit. With many companies choosing to manufacture their products in the US to minimise these disruptions, ensuring that we can provide our customers with quality products, quickly, has been a big goal of our company.

We have over 2000 private label formulas ready to go with over 5000 packaging options to choose from, this is in addition to our custom formulation and laboratory services. These solutions are exactly what the industry needs to get through this peak Christmas demand.”

Adonis Manufacturing operate out of a 78,000 square ft. manufacturing facility in California, where they have been meticulously developing formulas using some of the highest quality ingredients in the world, helping to launch industry-leading brands faster than any of their competitors.

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