Amorous Couples Heading on Holiday Should Remember to Pack a Few Toys for Between the Sheets, say Sh!

Amorous Couples Heading on Holiday Should Remember to Pack a Few Toys for Between the Sheets, say Sh!

Romantic holidays away to an exotic new location or a city break should include a few surprises for between the sheets, according to the sex experts at Sh!. With couples packing for a trip up and down the country, Sh! is urging them to think about the items they should be packing amid the usual clothing and toiletries.

Renee Denyer, Store Manager at Sh!, said, “Being in a new location with relaxing, fun vibes is the perfect time to try something a little bit different in the bedroom department – or even out of the bedroom for some frisky couples. From a new position to a bit of roleplaying, it’s a great way to keep the spark in a relationship and ensure you head home with plenty of thrilling memories.

“For holidaymakers that really want to spice things up though, packing a few toys is a must, especially if they’re kept a surprise. There are plenty of compact, discreet sex toy options that will go unnoticed through baggage but, let’s be honest; you’ll hardly care when you think about what’s in store.”

Right at the top of holiday essentials to pack from Sh! is the Satisfyer Pro Traveller Pressure Wave Clitoral Simulator, winner at the Erotic Trade Only (ETO) Awards 2018. The pressure wave vibrations have 11 powerful settings to choose from to guarantee an orgasmic time between the sheets. The magnetic closure top and slick design make it the perfect way to discreetly take a sex toy on holiday, while the waterproof feature is sure to inspire couples when they visit the beach or soak in the tub.

Among the other items that are small enough to pack even when travelling light, are the classic Rocks-off R0-80 Rainbow Bullet, the Mini Marvels Marvellous Eggciter, which even has a built-in travel lock, and the Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator that doubles as a piece of sultry jewellery.

Denyer added, “With so many different travel-friendly sex toys to choose from, couples can rest assured that they’ll return home satisfied with one or two extra items placed in their suitcase. Even those heading out on a solo adventure or with a group of friends should spare a little bit of space in their bags to pack something that’ll push them over the edge.”

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