AMRA Rarity Face Serum to Feature in the Royal Gold Facial at Atlantis The Royal’s Spa

AMRA Rarity Face Serum to Feature in the Royal Gold Facial at Atlantis The Royal’s Spa

Meticulously crafted British skincare brand AMRA’s Rarity Face Serum can now be experienced as part of the Royal Gold Facial at Dubai’s newest iconic resort, Atlantis The Royal.

The ultimate in active luxury skincare, Rarity Face Serum fuses cutting-edge technology with powerful, premium active and natural ingredients for superior skin alchemy. The result is skin that appears instantly lifted, plumped, defined, and tightened.

Formulated with a carefully curated selection of precious ingredients, AMRA Rarity Face Serum is vegan friendly and features AMRA’s signature Pollution Shield; a branched polysaccharide that optimises effectiveness and texture while building a protective barrier against atmospheric pollution, UVs, and domestic pollution.

The rich, ultra-luxurious serum also includes AMRA’s unique Photobio Active. With 100% naturally derived microalgae cultivated in photobioreactors, it enables a high and consistent quality of active substances, including amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, for optimum skin protection, an instantly visible tightening effect and longer-term firming.The serum’s many sumptuous active ingredients include green caviar, a plant-derived algae with anti-aging and moisturising properties. It helps to keep skin healthy by absorbing free radicals and impurities. With high levels of amino acids, green caviar acts like collagen, improving skin elasticity and plumpness.

Gold protects skin from free radicals and sun damage while diamond, in the form of a micron-sized spherical powder with entrapped photoluminsesencet diamond core, smooths away the signs of aging. On the skin, the powder particles manipulate incident light by converting invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scatter favourable blue and green light. The particles settle into wrinkles and subtly illuminate the skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Additional key active ingredients include platinum, which like gold has natural antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals and maintain the skin’s balance. Its weight allows it to penetrate deeper into the epidermis, generating small vibrations that capture and prevent free radicals from causing harm. This vibration effect also assists in correcting wrinkles caused by photoaging by strengthening skin fibres. It is also beneficial for addressing stress and dehydrated skin.

Ruby, crushed for increased energy levels within the cells, brightens skin and blurs contours. Stem cell orchid, meanwhile, enhances communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts, resulting in firmer skin and giving a subtle, healthy glow.

AMRA’s Meteorite contains the purest minerals and vitamin compounds which are key requirements for stimulating cell production, strengthening the skin and protecting from earth’s pollutants.Finally, sapphire reduces inflammation on a cellular level and improves skin tone.

“AMRA Rarity Face Serum represents the epitome of luxury skincare,” says Susan Jones, AMRA CEO & Founder. “Our commitment to fusing natural key actives with cutting-edge technology has resulted in a product that delivers exceptional results for all skin types. It provides immediate benefits along with long-term protection and rejuvenation. Formulated with precious premium ingredients, this serum is the perfect addition to the ultra-luxurious Atlantis, The Royal, one of Dubai’s most exciting and most opulent resorts and spas. ”

AMRA Rarity Face Serum is available on the AMRA website: (RRP £520.00 per 45ml) and at Atlantis The Royal, Dubai.