Amvia predicts rising data and telecoms costs for UK and multinational businesses post-Brexit

Amvia predicts rising data and telecoms costs for UK and multinational businesses post-Brexit

Time is running out for UK business leaders to negotiate a valuable new deal on voice and data services ahead of a predicted post-Brexit price hike, warns voice, data and cloud application provider, Amvia. It suggests that VoIP phone systems and business-grade high-speed data costs could increase by up to 15 per cent after 29 March.

The news of the increased cost of communication and data packages comes at a time of considerable uncertainty for the UK economy, with many business leaders already deeply concerned about the impact that Brexit will have on their organisation from both a financial and operational perspective. Research conducted by Plimsoll Publishing in 2018 found that ISPs were one of the top 10 UK industries identified as being most at risk from Brexit – a threat that is now being passed on to companies around the country as the deadline for EU departure looms.

Developed by Amvia for SME and international corporations, AmviaSearch™ performs a whole of market comparison for voice and data services – substantially cutting down the time and effort needed to source a better value package before prices inevitably rise. The comparison tool makes it easy for users to customise results based on location and technical requirements and compares service providers and leased line costs in real-time.

On average, for a leased line comparison, there will be 20 options for providers in any one location, with installation charges, monthly fees and any other costs displayed side-by-side for ease of comparison.

Nathan Hill-Haimes, Managing Director of Amvia said “There have already been increases in the cost of voice and data services across the board, and as providers seek to align themselves with the Euro level pricing, the cost is only set to climb. This will undoubtedly heap more pressure on many companies – especially when it’s simply not an option to turn off the internet or reduce reliance on telecoms systems.

“Our research suggests that costs could most definitely increase for business users after 29 March, which is a big blow when you consider the impact of other related Brexit issues such as higher mobile roaming charges. Now is the time to reassess your VoIP and data needs and look for a better deal.”

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