An advanced and unique suite of artificial intelligence models used to solve critical workforce challenges unveiled by SolvedBy.Ai

An advanced and unique suite of artificial intelligence models used to solve critical workforce challenges unveiled by SolvedBy.Ai

Today the WorkTech Group is proud to publicly launch SolvedBy.Ai and its range of exciting Ai products at the Retail Technology Show next week.

SolvedBy.Ai originated from a belief that the lives of working people can be improved by using artificial intelligence in combination with a range of work tech products to bridge the gap that currently exists between happy, productive staff and traditional HR and workforce management technology. SolvedBy.Ai was awarded a Scottish Enterprise Grant to build revolutionary Ai models and open an office in Edinburgh as part of this effort. 

The SolvedBy.Ai team, made up of PhD and Masters graduates, has quickly managed to add value to workers in the Retail & Leisure sectors after partnering with a WFM provider to deploy a number of their Ai innovations against ten years of workforce management data. One of these key innovations is the Retention Ai model, which outputs a probability of the likelihood a member of staff will leave the business over a period of 30/60/90 days. The Ai model allows managers to handle the underlying reasons for low retention rates on both individual and global levels. 

Their work has also attracted the attention of one of Europe’s leading Food Retailers to utilise the advanced Ai models for Forecasting, Demand and Auto-Scheduling. These ensure that the right people are scheduled to work in the right place at the right time, quickly, compliantly and taking staff satisfaction into account. 

“Living as we do in a post-COVID world, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way businesses manage employees. Factors such as the reduced or disrupted footfall and demand, the changing habits and priorities of staff, the increased importance of staff wellbeing and the need to optimise an under-resourced workforce affect almost every retail and leisure business and our Ai driven products are designed to solve these problems.” Edward Hogg, Head of Data Science, Solvedby.Ai

SolvedBy.Ai is fully committed to improving the lives of all working people. It has chosen a model that supports companies within their existing tech stack and ecosystems to do this more effectively. The benefits of this are that SovledBy.Ai can deliver improvements to any organisation using their already accepted providers and frequently used formats.

Because of this open-source service-based approach to Ai development, SolvedBy.Ai has attracted the attention of serial technology investors and retail experts Bill Currie and Sir Terry Leahy, who said:

The value of people in the workplace is at an all-time high, and the future will be challenging for businesses that have yet to adopt or explore an Ai strategy. Some of the early Ai results are incredible. 

SolvedBy.Ai has a successful record in identifying unhappy staff, ensuring they are not overworked, unfairly treated or burning out, helping promote equality and ensuring compliance is met. SolvedBy.Ai aims to help grow their successful record by working with new businesses across all sectors by starting with the Retail Technology Show at Olympia on 26 – 27 April 2022. You can find the SolvedBy.Ai team on stand 6B48.

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