Analytics Firm Introduces New Way to Track Audience Engagement

Analytics Firm Introduces New Way to Track Audience Engagement

Pioneering new start-up Bob Analytics has launched with an innovative tool that combines the advantages of sophisticated human panels with large scale analytic capability of generic bulk ad crawlers. The customizable, semi-automated panels help marketers precisely target their campaigns and truly understand whether they’ve hit the mark.

Richard Dancsi, co-founder of Bob Analytics says, “Modern marketers have so much information at their fingertips yet they don’t truly know whether their campaigns actually reached their target group. They have to blindly trust the advertising network.

“Once advertisers start combining targeting characteristics, like “works for a large company” AND “is a CTO” AND “lives in London”, the potential target size shrinks rapidly and with so few people, comes a group too small to be reliable or impactful. The campaigns often end up trying to target a handful of people with a nationwide campaign.

“Our peerless system uses AI and sophisticated statistics to bring meaningful, real-time insight with accurate, entirely custom panels of an appropriate size.”

Bob Analytics offers deep, actionable insights and robust high resolution reports on competitors and their marketing activity. This data empowers marketers to make tangible changes such as increasing campaign visibility, share of voice and effectiveness or decreasing campaign spend. The highly nuanced results also allow marketers to stack their creative and performance against competitors for even greater context.

The intuitive system is engineered to circumvent one of the key issues associated with live panels, giving marketers targeting data they can rely on to meet their campaign objectives.

John Derham, co-founder of Bob Analytics says, “Every online activity, new cookie, click or website visit can skew a profile. A person previously identified as a Chief Technology Officer that’s also in the market for a new Lexus may only see ads related to cars, once retargeting catches her. We’ve engineered our panels to be far more resilient, adding a number of factors to ensure the audience is kept authentic and on target.”

Custom panels for small, niche audiences are also available with customisation for each individual campaign. Respective of the fact that every audience is unique, the platform’s tools couple rapid setup with unprecedented precision. A pre-populated library of activities and variants extends far beyond the standard age, gender and income metrics to create a multi-dimensional matrix of interests to power infinitely targeted, highly effective campaigns.

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