Angel Fleet

Angel Fleet Becomes Latest Film to Be Confirmed For Birmingham Film Festival

Produced by Fact Not Fiction Films, with Executive Producer Herb Jackson Jr

Angel Fleet, the short film shot on location around West Sussex, has become the latest homegrown production to be confirmed for the prestigious Birmingham Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a family struggling to come to terms with a tragic flying accident that killed their test pilot father. It features the Academy Award contender, Darcy Jacobs, who previously starred in the West End show Les Misérables and in the Sam Mendes play, The Ferryman. Darcy was previously the recipient of the Best Young Actress Award at the Birmingham Film Festival. That accolade came for her work with Angel Fleet producer and director, Tristan Loraine and his company, Fact Not Fiction Films.

Tristan, a former airline pilot, was inspired to create Angel Fleet after many trips to the WW2 air base RAF Coolham. A former airline pilot himself, Angel Fleet’s strong aviation ties were complimented by the role of US pilot-turned-actor Herb Jackson Jr, who served as executive producer on the film. There was also a starring role for the world-famous Sally B aircraft. The last remaining Boeing B-17 bomber flying in Europe, Angel Fleet’s use of Sally B was supported by the B-17 Preservation Trust and Elly Sallingboe and their team of volunteers following a donation made by Jackson Jr.

The Birmingham Film Festival is an international event taking place over 10 days in the West Midlands. It showcases a range of films from around the world, with directors, producers and cast members sharing their experiences via question-and-answer sessions. Dozens of films are screened throughout the event, with workshops and seminars running alongside.

Producer Tristan Loraine said, “As a former airline captain, I have a lifelong passion for aviation – something I share with Herb, who served as Executive Producer. We both know pilots who are no longer with us and Angel Fleet was born from this sentiment.  Everybody who worked on film is so thrilled to be screening at Birmingham, which is such an important film festival. It is dear to our hearts as Darcy won the Best Young Actress award there a few years ago. Angel Fleet is the third time we have worked with her and the role was written with her in mind.”

Executive producer, Herb Jackson Jr said, “Working on Angel Fleet was a wonderful experience, and I am thrilled that it will be screened at the Birmingham Film Festival. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job, and as a pilot myself, it’s a story that is close to my heart.”To find out more about Angel Fleet, visit

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