Antaeus Labs Titan Supplement Introduces Natural Bodybuilding to Powerful New Anabolic Ingredient, Tomatidine

Antaeus Labs Titan Supplement Introduces Natural Bodybuilding to Powerful New Anabolic Ingredient, Tomatidine

Bodybuilding sports supplement brand, Antaeus Labs is shaking up the fitness and muscle building industry with the release of a powerhouse new product fittingly named, Titan. Titan is an anabolic complex which despite having huge muscle building potential, is entirely natural. It has been intelligently created with Tomatidine, an ingredient new to the industry but with proven credentials.

The pressures of achieving the perfect male physique are ever present as more men take to bodybuilding and other workouts to add more rippling, lean muscle to their frame. The sports supplements and bodybuilding industry is constantly alight with new products seeking to help gym enthusiasts and hardcore lifters alike push the boundaries of body performance and aesthetics. Despite this, many will turn to the use of pro-hormones and steroid abuse in their campaign for more muscle in less time. National Health statistics would suggest that as many as 1 in 3 regular male gym goers have or will experiment with hormone manipulation. What Antaeus Labs has created with Titan could be the beginning of a shift in this trend.

Antaeus Labs Business Manager, Chris King, has been excited for the industry to discover Titan. He said, We’re extremely proud of Titan and what it represents for the fitness and bodybuilding communities. It’s amazing to be able to present the industry with a first and introduce it to the power of our Tomatidine ingredient. But we’re also keen to offer a genuinely effective and completely anabolic supplement which will give those seeking a muscular physique a healthy and safe alternative to steroid abuse.”

Titan is a two ingredient compound of Shilajit and the revolutionary Tomatidine, a derivative of tomatoes. This powerful tomato plant extract is totally natural and has never before been used in a supplement product. Classified as a steroidal alkaloid, Tomatidine has been shown to defend muscle tissue from atrophy (muscle wasting) and weakness as well as enhancing hypertrophy response. The addition of Shilajit enhances the absorption of tomatidine, promotes the body’s own rate of tissue repair and has been shown to improve muscular elasticity and skeletal muscle signaling, encouraging performance improvements during exercise.

Titan causes no hormonal manipulation and may be able to able to provide benefits similar to anabolic steroid use but without the potential health risks and dangers associated with them. It is ideal for those looking for a way to seriously boost their ability to grow and maintain new lean muscle while maintaining a natural, healthy approach.

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