APackaging Group Rounds up The Best Cosmetics Packaging Designs of 2022

APackaging Group Rounds up The Best Cosmetics Packaging Designs of 2022

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s no doubt that looks do matter when it comes to packaging designs. With so many brands of cosmetics and skin care products on the market, standing out and catching the eye of potential customers is vital: after all, they won’t know how good a product is until they try it.

APackaging Group (APG), a US-based cosmetics packaging manufacturer, looks at the best packaging designs of 2022.

Company spokesperson Hannah Palese said “We saw some amazing trends in packaging design in 2022. The saying ‘less is more’ really does apply, as we have seen a great success in minimalist designs with clean, simple lines; Glossier’s skincare packaging was a perfect example.

“Sometimes simplicity is best, and with the use of some bold colors they really do catch your eye! Simple doesn’t need to be boring: with strong color contrast and clean lines, Nars was able to create packaging that is sure to catch your eye.

“In APG’s nearly 20 years of experience in cosmetics packaging, we have seen trends come, go, and return all over again – so we’re in the best position to help brands create the next best-selling design, without losing their brand identity.”

Another noticeable trend in 2022 was airless packaging, which serves several functions. It best preserves the ingredients of each product, guarantees not one drop will go unused, and of course they are sleek and stylish.

‘Less is more’ is a principle that not only makes packaging pleasing to the eye, but also lets the buyers know nothing will be wasted at a time when sustainability is on everyone’s mind. It is no coincidence that eco-friendly packaging is on the rise, too.

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