APackaging Group’s 100% Recyclable Beauty Pump Recognized by Leading Plastics Organization

APackaging Group’s 100% Recyclable Beauty Pump Recognized by Leading Plastics Organization

Market leaders APackaging Group’s patented Infinity Pump been recognized by the leading voice for plastics recycling, The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

The APR’s Design Recognition Program celebrates the best innovations in packaging design by putting products through a rigorous four-stage review and recognition process.

The process reviews all details of packaging design, including labels, adhesives, dispensers, and inks. APG’s Infinity Pump is now one of just 50 solutions to be awarded this recognition.

APackaging Group uses a wealth of industry experience and manufacturing know-how to offer quality packaging solutions with quick production turnaround and costs below market standard. 100% recyclable lotion dispenser Infinity Pump is one of its most in-demand products.

Prior to this recognition, the Infinity Pump was already considered a monumental release by leaders in the beauty industry by virtue of its innovative all-plastic manufacture. This differs from the industry’s standard design which comprises a metal spring to dispense product – meaning it’s not recyclable.

APackaging Group’s design is fully water-resistant to prevent product contamination, and the change in material does not compromise the force needed to dispense product. It’s also been designed to avoid the need for custom filling equipment.

The Infinity pump can be used in a variety of personal care applications including soaps, lotions and shampoo bottles, and has been trusted by retailers including Ulta, Sephora, Unilever and Johnson + Johnson.

Armin Arminak, EVP of R&D at APG Packaging said, “We’re delighted to see  our Infinity Pump recognized by the APR. Our goal as a company has always been to create solutions that benefit all parties, but most importantly the environment so it’s great to see us at the forefront of such a huge leap in beauty packaging design—and we can’t wait to keep on innovating!”.

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